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The feature "FlowChartMode" is not licensed.

Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer
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Error: The Designer x64 reported: The feature "FlowChartMode" is not licensed.




This is most likely caused by a licensing error or an issue that can arise from the AlteryxService shutting down unexpectedly.  It can also be due to an incorrect or expired license, or a correct license not being installed with admin rights, or in the case of Runtime-only users (this type of license has been phased out for all but a few legacy clients).


You can check your license by going into Alteryx, clicking Options> Manage Licenses.  Expired licenses are in red.  Click on the active license to see the enabled features:




If you see this error, please verify that it is the correct, current license, and reinstall using appropriate admin permissions.


Still seeing the error?  Please contact for license resolution.


Happy Alteryx-ing!