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TGAL-6502: Upgrade to 2021.4 Fails - Server/Gallery "Failed to start in a timely manner"


Environment Details


After upgrading Server to version 2021.4, the Server does not start. Errors in the LastStartupError.txt file show that the Gallery is not starting.

Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion, exiting.
  • Alteryx Server
    • Version 2021.4
    • Configured to run the Gallery (Web UI)



Product defect TGAL-6502. Version 2021.4 includes backend database updates to how users and subscriptions (studios) are stored. When the Server starts for the first time, a schema migration occurs to store these updates. If this process takes longer than expected (typically due to the size of the database), the AlteryxService shuts down prematurely.

This defect will be fixed in a future release and will be noted in the Release Notes when available.



1. Check the alteryx-migration.log file, which is located where your Gallery logs are (location can be found in the Alteryx System Settings under Gallery > General > Logging Directory - default location is %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx\Gallery\Logs)

Check to see if you see "Starting Migration: 32", multiple times in the log. It indicates the migration started, but didn't complete.

2022-04-29 12:04:23.088724,INFO,1,AlteryxServerWebApiHost,migrationLogger,MoveNext,Starting Migration: 32,

2. Check the LastStartupError.txt file (location can be found in the Alteryx System Settings under Controller > General > Logging - default location is %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx\Service\LastStartupError.txt) contains the following error:

Gallery Service failed to start in a timely fashion, exiting.



Contact the Customer Support team.

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