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TDES-3766: Designer 2021.3 - Error "Unable to translate alias" when publishing workflow to Server



Publishing a workflow with a gallery data connection (database connection) to Gallery throws the error:
Unable to translate alias [Alias Name]


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer/Server
    • Version 2021.3
  • Gallery Data Connection included in the workflow



Known product defect TDES-3766: The Gallery Data Connection is not being packaged with the workflow during upload/publish. This is seen from the Save Workflow > Workflow Options > Manage workflow assets window "Cannot Publish" error. Without this asset being packaged, Server cannot translate the alias to the appropriate database connection string.


This does not impact workflows published on previous versions. Those workflows will continue to work. If you download the workflow from the Gallery and attempt to re-publish however, you will face this issue during upload.



The resolution in this article is only applicable to users who are publishing from Designer version 2021.3.1. If you are on a different version, please refer to links in the Additional Resources section below.



Upgrade to version 2021.3.2 - We immediately addressed this defect with the 2021.3.2 release. Note that you do not need to upgrade Alteryx Server.

If you cannot upgrade, please contact Customer Support.

Additional Resources

9 - Comet

A status on resolution would be valuable to post here.  


There are issues with downgrading Designer versions as I am sure you are aware of.  All workflows that are saved using a newer version of Designer will not open on downgraded versions, making them unusable unless something has changed with versioning in Alteryx.


Update: The targeted release date of the new Designer installer is Thursday, September 2nd the week of September 6th. Note that you do not need to upgrade Alteryx Server, only Alteryx Designer.