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Sharing Data Connections with User Groups | Alteryx 21.2


Sharing Data Connections with User Groups | Alteryx 21.2

Data Connections allow a Curator (Gallery Admin) to create, maintain, and permission database connections via the Gallery. These connections can then be used when building Designer workflows.
With the 21.2 release, Administrators now have the ability to share Data Connections with Custom Groups and Active Directory groups.

Permission Changes


Additionally, starting in Version 21.1, we have increased security around workflow execution with workflows that are shared on the Gallery and use a Data Connection. Moving forward, the Data Connection must be shared all users who run or schedule the workflow on the Gallery. This is a change from previous versions, where the only requirement is that the owner of the workflow needed to have the Data Connection shared with them. This ensures that only the users who should have access to the Data Connection can run the workflow.
Users will get the error "Unable to Translate Alias" if they attempt to run a workflow that uses a Data Connection that has not been shared with them.


I only see the option to share to a Custom Group. How do I share a connection with an Active Directory group?

Your Gallery Admin will need to create a Custom Group and add the Active Directory group into that Custom Group. Then, you can share the data connection with the Custom Group, and all users in that Active Directory group will have access to the data connection.

As an Artisan, how can I make sure that my workflow can be run by my colleagues?

You will need to notify your Gallery Admin of who you plan on sharing this workflow with once it is published on the Gallery. Generally, this will either be by placing it in a Collection, or by uploading to a shared Private Studio. The users in your Collection or the users in your Private Studio will need to have that Data Connection shared with them.

What if my workflow is shared in the Public section of my Private Gallery?

All users who run the workflow will need to have the Data Connection shared with them.

Does this apply only to newly created workflows published after 21.1?

No, this change will apply to all workflows on the Server once you upgrade to 21.1+. If you have workflows that use Data  Connections, your Administrator should start working with the users that have access to these connections in order to start sharing the data connection(s) to the users that need to run these workflows.

Would any of those users with a Designer license then be able to use that Data Connection in Designer?

Yes - If the data connection is shared, that user has all rights to use that data connection. If they have a Designer license, they can create new workflows with that connection, and if they are an Artisan they could publish these workflows. The sharing of these connections is all or nothing.

What if the workflow is being run as a different user, via a "Run As" user or specific Workflow Credentials? Does the connection need to be shared with that user?

Only users that are performing the following actions need to have the data connection shared with them:

  1. Running the workflow from the Gallery (clicking Run) 
  2. Creating a schedule using that workflow
Both of the above are performed by the user who is logged into the Gallery. Any type of Run As user does not need access.

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