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Schedules stop being queued but can still be viewed in Gallery


Schedules stop functioningor error shows when disabling schedule

This occurs on 2019.3 and only appears if there is a Schedule with a Next Run time between 12-2 AM on 11/3 for the US and on 10/29 for Europe. This is due to the time change, and the Gallery is not able to determine the time zone the Workflow should run in.

Other symptoms which customer may report or describe: scheduled jobs are active/queued but not running.

There are two errors that can appear. The below will show in the Service Log soon after service start-up.

ServiceScheduler_DoWork_StdError: Fatal top-level error

The following error will show when attempting to disable an affected Schedule.


  • Schedules may show a Next Run date and time equal to the Last Run date and time which may be in the past.
  • StephenR_1-1572277372493.jpeg


  • Product - Alteryx Server and Alteryx Designer with Automation
    • Version 2019.3


This is caused by the Time Zone functionality not being able to recognize what time zone the Schedule is set for since the time it is scheduled for will 'repeat' with the end of Daylight Savings. It is recommended not to schedule anything for this time to avoid this issue.


Now that the time has changed, it should only be necessary to Restart AlteryxService.

If that does not resolve the issue then:

  1. Delete the Schedules between 12 AM and 2 AM on the date of the time change (11/3 for NA and 10/29 for Europe)
  2. Restart AlteryxService
7 - Meteor

Thanks, we had the same issue here in Canada.

12 - Quasar

Is there no other solution than deleting all the schedules and re-adding them? There must be a better solution.

The scheduler should be able to cope with when the clocks go forward or back without having to delete and re-add all the schedules.

Please provide a better solution to this asap.


@wwatson - now that the time zone change has passed, we have seen some success with simply restarting the service on all nodes. Development is working on a fix that will be available soon that will address this in future.