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Schedules Disabled due to Insufficient Permissions on Server

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Schedules Disabled - Logon Failure the User has not been Granted the Requested Logon Type at this Computer


A change in Run As credentials or workflow credentials needed can lead to the user(s) loosing access to his workflows.

When clicking on a workflow the below error appears.


Error: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer. (1385)



  • Apps appear in state 'disabled' 
  • When trying to access apps the above error message appears




  • Product - Alteryx Server with set up gallery environment




This error occurs when the Run As User credentials or the workflow credentials do not have sufficient permissions on the server. More specifically,  'Allow log on locally' or 'Log on as a batch job' group policy permission are required for the user to log onto the server. If neither is granted to user the above error appears.




Check that that Run As credentials are set correctly. Refer to Help doc page

Specifically,  'Allow log on locally' or 'Log on as a batch job' group policy permission are required.