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Scheduled Disabled after Republishing Workflows


Environment Details

Scheduled are disabled in Gallery after republishing workflows.


  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions
  • "Require user credential" is enabled in Gallery


This is by design and for security reasons. Changing a workflow disables schedules requiring credentials as a safety measure to ensure the users making the change can't run code under a credential they shouldn't have access to. Without this, anyone could change a workflow using a credential to potentially gain access to data they shouldn't have access to. This only occurs when "Require user Credentials" is enabled in Gallery as it forces user to enter credentials when scheduling a workflow.

Check the following steps match your scenario

  1. From Admin > Configuration > Workflow Settings, ensure Require User Credentials is set
  2. Schedule a workflow, which will require you to enter/choose credentials.
  3. Open the workflow in Designer.
  4. Republish the workflow by clicking Save (Note: Choose to "Save" only to update the existing workflow NOT "Save As")
  5. The schedule will be disabled in Admin > Schedules


This is by design and for security reasons. Please enable the schedule again and assign credentials to the schedule.

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