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RuntimeSettings.xml Missing Text Contents Between Tags


Environment Details

When doing a migration, a copy of the RuntimeSettings.xml from the source Alteryx Server is needed; however, the RuntimeSettings.xml contents are missing between the tags in each element.

For example, the StorageKeysEncrypted tag shows this:

But not this:

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The template copy of the RuningSettings.xml is used instead of the active copy of the RuntimeSettings.xml.   


There are two copies of RuningSettings.xml.  One is a template used to create the active copy of the RuntimeSettings.xml.  The other, is the active copy.  It is the active copy that is needed.

The template copy will be located in the install directory \Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData.  

The active copy will always be located only in C:\ProgramData\Alteryx regardless of which directory the Alteryx Server is installed on and regardless of where the workspace and log files are set in the System Settings.  Also, please note that the folder is "ProgramData" and not "Program Files".  Please use the active copy.