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Running a workflow on Alteryx Server or Gallery never finishes and no errors are thrown


Environment Details

On the Server machine, Alteryx Designer can read data connected to Amazon Athena, however the workflow never completes. Saving the workflow to the Gallery, the workflow never ends as well. No errors are displayed.


  • Alteryx Server
    • All Versions
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Athena ODBC Driver
    • Version


ODBC Driver or AWS S3 Permissions issue.



Resolution 1


Ensure the latest ODBC version is installed. Download from the Amazon AWS site. It's recommended to get the 64-bit version for optimal performance.



Resolution 2


Enable logging via the ODBC DSN Setup window by clicking on the Logging Options button and set the level to LOG_DEBUG. Set the desired path to save the logs to. Examine the logs or consult your IT group or Amazon AWS Support for further assistance.

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Note: These logging options must be set on the machine where the workflow is running from, which may include the Alteryx Server machine or any worker machines. 


Additional Information

Possible errors that can be found in the logs concerning this kind of issue:


AOClient::LogGlueClientError: Error occur while calling Glue API GetCatalogImportStatus. Error detail: Athena Error No: 15, HTTP Response Code: 400, Exception Name: AccessDeniedException, Error Message: User: arn:aws:sts:: is not authorized to perform: glue:GetCatalogImportStatus on resource: arn:aws:glue::catalog

More information on this message, click here.


AOClient::FetchStreamResults: Stream outcome unsuccessful. [Error Type: 99][RespondCode: -2000687568][Exception Name: Msg: Unable to connect to endpoint].


Per the Amazon AWS KB, this can be a permissions issue or port number being blocked or other network-related issue.





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