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Private Gallery API Key and Secret



How do I find my Gallery API Key and Secret?


In order to be able to find your Gallery API Key and Secret, your Private Gallery account must first be API Enabled. To check this, a Gallery Admin will need to log in and go into the Subscriptions section. From there, the Admin can select your user account, and at the bottom there's a setting for API Enabled:


Once that setting is set to "Yes", you can log in to your own account and go into the Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. From there, click on the Private Studio tab and scroll down to find your API Key and Secret:


Click the "Show" button to reveal your API Secret so you can enter it where requested when working with the API.

7 - Meteor

have followed this instructions but so far it seems that it only works for the admin API...How do i get it to work with the subscription API

When I use the Admin API Key and secret when on the try it out feature of subscription, I get the following error

  "data": null,
  "exceptionName": "UnauthorizedException",
  "innerExceptionMessage": "",
  "message": "The provided API Key (oauth_consumer_key) is invalid."
5 - Atom

Anyone any idea how to do this with Subscription API? @machazthegamer  were you able to find a solution?




5 - Atom

Thanks @machazthegamer  for the answer in a separate message. The key and secret are different for each studio, if you move from one studio to another then you need to get key and secret for that studio.


However if I as an admin, want to queue workflows to run from across the studios, then how would I do? 


@AndrewL , @machazthegamer  can you please guide me ?




12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

The image below provides an updated view of what the menu looks like for Subscription API enabling as of version 2020.2. This will allow a user to run the API on the workflows they own. Please keep in mind the Admin API access is separate. The keys are located in the same spot under your My Profile>Keys.

2020.2 Update for this menu2020.2 Update for this menu

8 - Asteroid

@andrew This was the perfect answer that I was looking for. Thanks