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Alteryx Server Knowledge Base

Definitive answers from Server experts.

Part 1: What does Support need to troubleshoot Server/Gallery/Scheduler?



What information does Alteryx Customer Support need to troubleshoot my Server/Gallery/Scheduler issue?



If a quick/straight forward solution is not available, you may be asked to provide screenshots, files, and/or error logs that our Server/Gallery Support requires to help troubleshoot your issue.


Please e-mail the following to, or if the files are large, your Customer Support Engineer will set up another medium of transfer for you to use.


What to send?


1. Screenshot of error - Send a screen shot of the error message. Click CTRL-PrintScreen to capture the error and paste into your e-mail. Note: You may wish to Google the error text to see if there is any information about your specific error. The Knowledgebase is a great place to search the error text as well!



2. Screenshot of system settings – Click Control Panel >> All Control Panel Items >> System. We need your system settings in order to replicate issues you are having on a similar configuration.




3. Alteryx version – Our Customer Support Engineers need to know precise versioning so we can replicate any issues. What version of Alteryx do you have installed? In Alteryx, you can find out by clicking Help >> About to provide a screenshot, or the exact version number.



4. Are you using a Server or Desktop installation? Admin or non-admin (User)? 


You should be able to tell by checking the installation path of your Alteryx instance:


Default for Admin Install – C:\Program Files\Alteryx




Default for Non-Admin (User) Install - C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx





5. RuntimeSettings.xml – This file gives us helpful information about your specific instance configuration and the default location will be in the directories shared above, depending on whether your installation is Admin or Non-Admin (User). You should have a RuntimeSettings.xml file, even if it is not in the default directory, and should be able to recover it for sharing with a disk search of the file name:



6. Check for LastStartupError.txt file

  1. This file will be in the same path as set in the System Settings: Controller >> General >> Logging
  2. Default is: C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Service
  3. May contain helpful messages to identify your issue.


If this article was helpful, please also see Part 2: What does Support need to troubleshoot Server/Gallery/Scheduler? on Alteryx/Windows Logs!

8 - Asteroid

Thank you...this article and part 2 have been very helpful.