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No page found after login to gallery when moving from Built - in to SAML authentication


Environment Details

This article aims to provide a solution for account lockouts preventing users from successfully logging in. 
  • Alteryx Server 2019.4 +
  • Authentication Method: Built-in that has been changed to SAML.
  • Can also be used for Built-in authentication when accounts get locked.

Page Not Found - The page you are trying to reach does not exist

This issue usually shows up after switching from Built-in authentication to SAML
  • Account lockout status is set within the MongoDB for the Built-in authentication method.
  • When switching to SAML, the account might pass the verification in SAML but if it is locked within the MongoDB the result will be "Page not Found"
  • This error shows after pressing Login and typing credentials.


Please note: Switching authentication methods is not supported by Alteryx. That being said, customers in the past have managed to successfully switch from Built-in to SAML.

For Built-in Authentication, there is are two entries in the user documentation that states the lockout period and locked account status. When this happens there is a possibility of the account trying to access the gallery being locked. When in a unlocked state it is as following in MongoDB - user collection

  • The initial state of this entry is 0 and null.
"NumFailedLogins" : 0,
    "AccountLocked" : null,
  • If the user types his password wrong 5 times the account state will go from null to true in the below entry:
Before lockout:

"NumFailedLogins" : 0,
    "AccountLocked" : null,

After Lockout:

"NumFailedLogins" : 5,
    "AccountLocked" : true,
If only the AccountLocked is set to false, the user will be able to log in but at the first wrong password the account will be locked again.
Before lockout:

"NumFailedLogins" : 5,
    "AccountLocked" : null, OR false,
After lockout:

"NumFailedLogins" : 6,
    "AccountLocked" : true,
  • In order to reset to 5 attempts, both fields have to be changed.
"NumFailedLogins" : 0,
    "AccountLocked" : null, 
    "AccountLocked" : false,
  • This should resolve the page not found for users on SAML + built-in authentication


Using ROBO3T as the management interface the entries can be edited or via mongo shell.

NOTE:  Please backup the database before making changes  in order to ensure a restore point is available. 

Solution A

1. Install and open Robo3T, download link:

NOTE: Download Robo3T not  Studio 3T

2. Set up a connection to your gallery DB by following the steps below:
  1. Replace the command in the field below db.getCollection('users').find({})  with db.users.find({LastName:"Picard"}).pretty() and then press the play icon next to the save icon.
  1. Expand the user and then right click - Edit

  1. Look for the entries mentioned above and modify them accordingly then press save.

  1. Exit Robo 3T and test the logon.

 Solution B
  1. Open CMD - Command prompt Admin and type the below:
cd C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin
  1. Password is the same as above from Alteryx System Settings
mongo -u user -p PASTE_PASSWORD -host localhost:27018 AlteryxGallery
  1. Command to find the user:
  1. Update the status of the fields, the AccountLocked
db.users.update({"LastName":"Dinu"}, {"$set": {"AccountLocked" : "false"}});


db.users.update({"LastName":"Dinu"}, {"$set": {"AccountLocked" : "null"}});
  1. And the NumFailedLogins
db.users.update({"LastName":"Dinu"}, {"$set": {"NumFailedLogins" : "0"}});
  1. Test the logon.

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