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Jobs stuck in queue


Environment Details

In certain situations scheduled workflows will stay queued.
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Cause A

The Service Account AlteryxService.exe has insufficient permissions.


Cause B

None of the Server nodes has the option "Run unassigned jobs" ticked in System Settings > Worker > General.


Solution A

Make sure AlteryxService.exe is running under a Service Account with the permissions listed in


Solution B

Make sure at least one Worker node has the option "Run unassigned jobs" ticked.


Additional Resources


KB Article: Error: Workflows Queued - 500 Server Error Key fields must be a WString AS Schedules ID
Help Doc: Required Run As User Permissions

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6 - Meteoroid

I ran into this problem with all our Jobs getting stuck as Queued.  After many hours of investigation, it turned out we had a workflow event command unable to finish processing it's task causing a log jam of queued workflows on our Server's designer.


So I'd like to offer up a Solution C:


Check for Queued jobs on your server's designer by going to Options --> View Scheduals --> Queue




In our case, you could see where the event command kicked off a workflow that couldn't finish so it remaind as Queued in this window.  We cleared the Queue and restarted the Alteryx Services*.  This allowed all our other workfows to be begin running and complete. 


*To restart your Alteryx Services go to the Start window --> Administrative Tools --> Services --> Alteryx Services --> right click Restart