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Installation of Alteryx Intelligence Suite for Server


Installation of Alteryx Intelligence Suite for a Server Environment

This is an essential guide for what is needed and how to install your Alteryx Intelligence Suite on a server environment.  This guide should give you everything you need for installing AIS on your Server or Multi-node environment. You will need to install the AIS on your server environment if you plan to use workflows that use the AIS tools and upload them to your Gallery or Scheduler on your Server.


  • Alteryx Server
    • All
  • Alteryx Intelligence Suite
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  • Add-on License for Alteryx Intelligence Suite


Before installing, you need to make sure you have a couple of items.
  1. An Add-on License for Alteryx Intelligence Suite
    • Your AIS License is for Designer only
    • To install AIS for a Server environment, you will need an 'Alteryx Intelligence Suite Add-on' license
    • If you have a multi-worker environment, you will need a license for each Worker
    • If you do not have an Add-on license you will need to contact your Account 
  2. Downloading a copy of AIS to your Server/Worker
    • AIS can be downloaded from
    • You will want the admin version (AlteryxAISInstall) for the installation.  The non-admin will not work for your Server.
    • Make sure the version of AIS matches your Server's version
  3. Run the Installation
  4. Run the Elevated version of Designer
    • When you open Designer it should open asking for the license key
    • If it does not ask then click on Options -> Manage Designer
      • This will open a window that lists your licenses -> Click on Activate New License -> License Designer and Scheduler
      • Enter your Add-on license and click on Activate button 
      • Once completed you will get a Success
Once installed AIS will be available for your Server

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