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How to set up a Bulk Loader Connection in Gallery


How to set up a Bulk Loader Connection in Gallery

Want to take advantage of the Bulk Loader and share it on your gallery, but not sure how to configure the connection? This article will guide you on how to complete this task so you can enjoy the option to house a Bulk Loader connection in your organization's gallery.


  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions
  • SQL Server
    • 2008 R2 +
  • SQL Server ODBC Drivers
    • Native Client 11
    • ODBC 13
    • ODBC 17
  • Snowflake
  • Snowflake ODBC Drivers
    • 2.21.7+
    • Simba 1.3.0+



1. Go to gallery URL -> Admin page.

idea Skyscrapers

2. Click on Data Connections -> Add New Data Connection.

idea Skyscrapers

3. For the connection drop-down, select Other.

idea Skyscrapers

4. Give the desired connection name.

5. Enter the DSN or DSN-less connection string for the database platform in question as follows:


SQL Server (DSN-less)

ssvb:DRIVER={SQL Server XX Driver};Database=XXXX;Server=hostname\InstanceName;UID=XXXX;pwd=XXXX

Example for SQL Server Authentication/ODBC/Bulk Loader:

Example for Windows Authentication/ODBC/Bulk Loader:
ssvb:DRIVER={ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server};DATABASE=MYDB;SERVER=MYLOCALHOST\INSTANCE;Trusted_Connection=yes

Note 1

Once the connection is saved, the password will be encrypted with the value __EncPwd1__ in the connection string.

Note 2

For more information on different attributes to include in the connection string, see the Microsoft connection string documentation for SQL Server.


Snowflake (DSN)


Example for Snowflake Authentication/ODBC/Bulk Loader/Local Staging Option:

Example for Snowflake Authentication/ODBC/Bulk Loader/Amazon S3 Staging Option:

Note 1

The Amazon S3 URL and Region may be different based on your organization's configuration.

Note 2

Snowflake DSN-less is not supported for Bulk connections. A DSN must be used to avoid errors.

6. Don't forget to grant the appropriate user(s)/Studio(s) to the new Data Connection.

7. The data connection is ready to be used in future workflows to users that have been granted for it.


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