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How to capture a trace using Windows netsh

How to capture a trace using Windows netsh

  • Windows Server
  • CMD Administrator Rights
Procedure for capture
  1. Open your browser and clear the cache, do not go to gallery yet.
  2. Open CMD and type the below but change the path in the tracefile= "insert new location and rename if you wish to do so"
netsh trace start tracefile="C:\trace\classic.etl" scenario=internetclient capture=yes maxsize=200 filemode=circular overwrite=yes
        3. Go to the browser and enter the gallery link, replicate the normal steps that show up the error.
        4. After the above steps, go back to the CMD and type the below:
netsh trace stop
         5. The files can be send to be converted by support by following the below steps.

Procedure for Conversion

  1. Download the pack for conversion from github:
   2. Copy the files in a new folder that you choose.

3. Copy the trace obtained in the previous step inside the same folder.

4. Open CMD administrator and change path to the etl2pcap location by using the command:
cd C:\location
5. Once you are in the etl2pcap folder type the below command:
etl2pcapng.exe classic.etl FileName.pcapng

6. Open the .pcapng file with wireshark for analysis.