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How do I schedule a Workflow using Alteryx?


If you're scheduling in v11.0+, be sure to check out scheduling from the Gallery and interface changes to the Scheduler.


The beauty of Alteryx is the ability to make repeatable data processes time and time again. But, if that wasn't good enough, we have the ability automate these workflows through scheduling!


You will just need one of the following licenses to get started!

  • Alteryx Designer with Scheduler License 
  • Alteryx Server License

How do I know if I have the correct license?

  • You can go to Options>>>Manage Licenses within the Alteryx Designer and if you have the ‘API & Command Line w/ Scheduler (Enterprise Server & Workstation) ticked you have the ability to schedule

Pic 1.png


So how do I schedule?


Alteryx Designer with Scheduler

  • This option will give you the ability to schedule to your local machine
  • Once you have saved the workflow you wish to schedule you can go to Options>>Schedule Workflow>>>Local Machine
  • You can then set the frequency you wish to schedule on

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Alteryx Server

  • This option will give you the ability to schedule to the Alteryx Server
  • Once you have saved the workflow you wish to schedule you can go to Options>>Schedule Workflow>>>Connect to Controller

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  • You will then need to get the Machine Name or IP address from the Alteryx Server Machine
  • The Controller Token can then be found in the Controller -> General section of the Alteryx Server System Settings (Alteryx Server Admin will have access to this)
  • Once you have made the connection to the Alteryx Server machine you can set the frequency you wish to schedule on


Here are some more useful links on scheduling using Alteryx:




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

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Hey, Please i have a question about scheduling in the server. I want to scheduling woorkflow every time time if the input files update. if that is the case, the woorkflow run and the output file will be depositing in the network reporter. any help please !!! thank you
8 - Asteroid

Hello, I am trying to create a scheduler for Alteryx which will run 1 workflow as per schedule and publish a tableau tde file everytime. Finally we should be able to open tableau and refresh teh date to see the latest data everytime.

I checked the manage license section, and I see Alteryx designer license available in my system. There are no other licenses mentioned there. What does that mean? Will I be able to use the alteryx scheduler or not? Or do I need a Alteryx server as well? Currently I am the end user of Alteryx designer and do not have the admin rights. Thanks !


@saikathalder if you have only 1 license (Designer) showing, your machine it not able to schedule jobs using the Designer with Scheduler option mentioned in the article. If you do now have access to a Server machine to schedule, please reach out to your account team to determine which option would be best for you.

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Thanks, I understand, that it is not possible from my license.

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I am checking in to see if the Alteryx Designer with Scheduler License is still an option for version 2018.4.5.55178 or newer?  


It is.  Please contact your Account Executive for pricing and further information!

6 - Meteoroid

I am connecting to Azure Databricks using In-DB connection of alteryx in my workflow. I want to schedule it, however, the workflow fails with an error related to the azure connection; Error: Tool #25: Error finding connection "ProductionAzure". Can someone help me resolve this error?


Thank you

6 - Meteoroid

I have the same problem as you @saramm