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How To Setup Gallery Districts

How To Setup Gallery Districts

When you log into your Private Gallery, Home and Districts are the public areas of your company's Gallery.  Every workflow in these areas are accessible by anyone in your organization who has access to your company's Gallery.  Home is the general area where all public workflows are store.  Districts are where you can organize the workflows that have been made public in Home.  If you want a more restrictive workflow sharing, consider using Collections.

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You will need to be an Admin (or Curator) to setup a district. 

1. Log into the Gallery as administrator.  This is done by clicking on drop down arrow next to your account name on the top right corner and choosing Admin.

2. From Workflows, type in a tag name into the Tag field and click on Add New Tag.

    Note: Tags associate workflows with districts. Without a tag, you cannot put a workflow into a district.

3. From Workflows, click on each workflows that you want to make public and assign the created tag(s) by clicking on Add Tags.

    Note: Each workflow can have multiple tags checked, which means a single workflow can be in multiple districts.

4. In the same workflow options page, check Yes to the option Place In My Company's Gallery and click on Save.

    Note: Remember that Districts is just how you will organize the Home.  Without placing your workflow into your Home, it will not show up in the Districts.

5. From Districts, create a district by clicking on Add New District.  Fill in the all the required fields and click on Save.
       - Title = Whatever title you want to give it.
       - Nav Link = It will auto populate once you file in a title.
       - Tag = On the Districts side, only one tag per district.
       - Description = Short summary of what the district is for.

6. Back in the Districts general page, make sure you click On for the districts that you want to enable.

7.  On the end user side, once districts are created, the end user can publish their work flow to the Public Gallery and assign it to district(s) via tag(s).  If the user doesn't want to assign their workflow to a district but still share in the Public Gallery, just leave the tags unchecked. 

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