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How To: Manage a Collection

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How To: Manage a Collection


With the 2019.2 release of Server, Collections functionality has been expanded to overcome some of their previous limitations. This article covers Collections functionality and permissioning.




  • Server 2019.2




  1. Access a collection
    1. To access a collection, you need to create a collection. If you already have collections created, that's great, feel free to click on one you already have. If you haven't been leveraging collections, an artisan or curator will need to click the NEW COLLECTION button in the upper left corner. Add a meaningful name, such as the function group that will be collaborating in this Collection, and click ADD.


    2. Your Collection now appears in the list of Collections available to you. Click the name of the Collection to access the contents.

  2. Manage the content

    1. A new collection will have no workflows or insights. As the owner, you are able to add any assets you want, just as has been historically possible with collections.
    2. To add assets, click ADD WORKFLOWS on the Workflows tab or ADD INSIGHTS on the Insights tab. Search for and select from your workflows and insights.

  3. Manage the users
    1. Previous versions of Collections allowed users to view a single users' assets that they had made available. In this release, we have worked to ensure that you can easily bring in people to collaborate on assets, rather than just viewing the information.
    2. To add a new user, navigate to the Users tab and use the ADD USERS button in the upper right. Use the search bar to look for an existing Gallery user or provide an email address to add a user who isn't part of the Gallery yet. Before clicking SAVE, set the appropriate permissions for the user. For guidance, see the example below on how permissions can be distributed to users.

      CollectionsNewUser.pngAdd the new guy

Permissions Example


You're the owner of a brand new Collection. The first person you add is the co-manager of the Collection, who is also the backup owner if you are unavailable. You give the backup owner admin privileges, which includes all asset and user permissions.


Next, you add your IT representative. This person has no interest in governing over the assets of the Collection, they just want to regularly clean up the Collection user set and ensure the right people have access. You give your IT rep user privileges, which allows them to add and remove users, update their permissions, and set their expiration dates.

Finally, you add the new guy, the new analyst to join your team. He is new to Server, and he is very excited. You want him to be able to add all the new analytics wonders he can create and update existing assets. However, until he gets familiar with the uses of all assets, you want to keep him from removing assets.

CollectionsUsersWithPermissions.pngPermissions in your Meaningful Name Collection


Common Issues


I can't find Shared Schedules in my collection.


Shared schedules were not included in the current collection improvements. We're looking into possible implementation options based on the feedback from studios.


A curator can do more than their permissions allows.


Curators are automatically admins of collections. However, they are only able to access the assets of collections they are added to.


I can't edit user permissions.


You can! The current design allows you to select the checkbox at the front of the table, and a permission button displays at the top of the table, allowing you to edit the user's permissions. You can also use this method to bulk change permissions if needed.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey Tanya, Sydney and Marty, thanks for posting this, it will be really useful to share with our customers.


I do have one questions regards the 'update' permission on assets?


What exactly does this allow? To me it sort of suggests that anyone can update an asset if it is shared via a collection; but from my testing that's not the case?


Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Bump @TanyaS , @SydneyF and @MartyM 


Hi Ben, @BenMoss 

That is correct, if the user has the update permission for assets they can modify and save back up to gallery a workflow.

If you open up designer and open the workflow from gallery. (Making sure that designer is 19.2 as well) 

Modify the workflow and hitting save should open up the update dialogue with the location being the name of the collection. 

If that isn't what you're seeing if you could post an error message or what you are seeing if be happy to take a look. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

OH YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME (L); will be blogging this myself ASAP!