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How To: Enable MongoDB logs in RuntimeSettings.xml


How To: Enable MongoDB logs in RuntimeSettings.xml


When trying to troubleshoot Server/Gallery issues, it can be useful to gather logs to determine if the cause is with your MongoDB. These steps will show you how to enable Mongo logging.




  • Alteryx Server
  • Embedded MongoDB
  • Administrative Rights




  1. ALWAYS BACK UP FIRST. Make sure to make a copy of your RuntimeSettings.xml as well as your MongoDB. See this article for Backup & Recovery Best Practices
  2. Stop your Alteryx Service
  3. Open File Explorer and navigate to %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx
  4. Open RuntimeSettings.xml in a text editor
  5. Under the Controller section add EmbeddedMongoDBLogPath as a key
  6. Add a directory as the value with .txt file extension.
  7. **OPTIONAL If you would like to have the logs with increased verbosity**
    1. Under the Controller section add EmbeddedMongoDBArgumentsas a key
    2. Add--vv as the value
  8. Start your Alteryx Service and Mongo logs should be generating


Additional Resources

7 - Meteor

Hello, thanks for this! Could you add some info or screenshots of what kind of data is saved in these logs? 


I've been looking for a good way to gather workflow result data that would contain data like where the data outputs are going etc. without having to rework all of our existing scheduled workflows on the server and I'm hoping this might be a solution.


Thank you!

6 - Meteoroid

is there any way of defining the file size? say we set it for 20mb and it will split it auto?