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How To: Disable MongoDB logs in RuntimeSettings.xml


How To: Disable MongoDB logs in RuntimeSettings.xml

After having used MongoDB logging for troubleshooting purposes, you can now safely turn it off using this guide. Especially if you are mindful of the disk space they take on the server machine.



  • Alteryx Server
  • Embedded MongoDB
  • Administrative Rights
  • MongoDB logging previously enabled


  1. The first step consists in backing up the below for safety purposes:
    • Create a copy of the RuntimeSettings.xml file located under %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx on the Alteryx Server
    • Follow the "Create a MongoDB Backup" procedure to save a recent copy of your Alteryx Server's data
  2. Stop your Alteryx Service
  3. Open File Explorer and navigate to %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx
  4. Open RuntimeSettings.xml in a text editor
  5. Under the <Controller> you should locate the two child nodes <EmbeddedMongoDBArguments> and <EmbeddedMongoDBLogPath>:
  6. To disable this feature, you can either:
    • Totally remove the two nodes or
    • Comment them (surround them with <!-- and -->) so they are not taken in account:

  7. Save the changes and start Alteryx Service
  8. There will be no MongoDB log generated anymore


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