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Helpful Tips in Opening a Case

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How To:  Attach Requested Information for Server/Gallery/Scheduler Cases
This article explains important information to include in your Server Cases.

Alteryx Server

In order to EXPEDITE your case, please include the below information in your case:
1.  Detailed Description of the Issue – What issues are you having? Has it worked in the past?  When did the issue start?  Are all users affected or just some?  What are the steps to reproduce your issue?  What have you tried to resolve the issue?  Have you searched the Alteryx Community?

2.  Is this a Production Issue? What is the urgency? How many people is this affecting?  Are you able to complete most of your work?  Do you have a time frame that you need to resolve the issue?

3.   Have there been any changes made recently? Update to Alteryx Designer, Server, etc.?  What do you think may have caused the issue?  What have you done to try to resolve the issue?

4.  Alteryx Version – Our Customer Support Engineers need to know the precise version so we can replicate any issues. In Alteryx, click Help > About and provide a screenshot, or the exact version number.

5.  Exact Text of Error or Screenshot of error- Click CTRL-Print-screen to capture the error and paste it into your e-mail. Note: You may wish to Google the error text research the issue. The Alteryx Community Knowledge Base is also a great place to search the error text as well!  Where was the error encountered?  Gallery?

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