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Gallery Schedule Sorting not sorting correctly


Environment Details

When viewing the schedules in the Gallery and you go to sort the schedules by workflow name, they sort in a random way.
  • Alteryx Server
    • Version 2020.2.3+


When a schedule is created there is an optional Schedule Name field to name the schedule.

If this name field is left blank and the schedule is created, sorting by Workflow on the Schedules page will sort the list relative to the mongoid of the schedule. 

Red Square: Workflows scheduled WITHOUT optional schedule name and they sort by the mongoid of the schedule
Green Square: Workflows scheduled WITH optional schedule name and they sort by schedule name


To illustrate the mongoid part of the sort, below is a table of the same 7 schedules in the same order: 


To fix the sort issue you can edit your schedules to have a schedule name equal to the workflow name and then the schedules will sort correctly.

Red arrow: Workflow name
Green Arrows: If you fill in schedule name, Schedule: {name} will appear

If there are a mixture of workflows with no schedule name and workflows with schedule name, sorting the schedule list by the Workflow column will sort in the table as such:

Schedules without a schedule name will sort by the mongoid of the schedule.
Schedules with a schedule name will sort by the schedule name. 

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The the last two lines of that article look to be incorrect, I think that they should read:


Schedules without workflow schedule name by mongo id
Schedules with workflow schedule name


The article fails to mention that the schedules list is sorted by Schedule name even when the sort option on the Workflow name column is chosen?

The screen capture in the article even shows that the person choose to sort by Workflow and not by Schedule but that isn’t called out.


In the UI, if the Schedule does not have a name, then the Workflow name is shown (repeated) in the Schedule column. Because of this the only way to identify the where the Schedule name is missing is to notice that the rows are not correctly sorted.


Looking at the creation dates of the Schedules on our system that I have had to fix it would appear that earlier versions of the Gallery automatically copied the Workflow name into the Schedule name if the latter was not specified. I'm not sure why this was changed as it seems to be a sensible solution to the issues that have resulted from the changes in this version?

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@JamesHa -- is this going to be fixed in any future releases to just sort on Workflow Name to save us this extra non-intuitive step?




@JohnPelletier could you help me out with @DanielG question?


@DanielG  and @JamesHa We'll work on getting that sorting to work more intuitively based on the selected column. Feel free to check again in May.