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Gallery Data Connections for Greenplum Throws Error: LDAP Authentication Failed For User


Environment Details

Using a Greenplum connection from the Gallery Data Connections resulted in the error:

Connection Error:
ERROR [0800] FATAL: LDAP authentication failed for user "service account"

  • Alteryx Designer
    • All versions
  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions
  • PostgreSQL ODBC Driver (Note: Greenplum uses PostgreSQL ODBC Driver)​​​​​​​


User in account connection string unable to be validated via LDAP.


Resolution 1

In the Gallery Data Connections, retype the password for the Greenplum connection that is failing.  Once you click save, the password will be encrypted again.

For example, when you click on the connection, you will see this type of connection string:


Type over the value "__EncPwd1__" with the actual password and save it again.

Resolution 2

1. From the ODBC Data Source Administrator in Windows, test the existing System DSN or User DSN on the machine.  If the test fails, ensure the correct password was entered or contact the organization's IT Admin or Database Administrator for further assistance.

2. If the ODBC test is successful, on a new workflow, drag a new Input Tool in Designer.  Go to Data sources > ODBC under the appropriate Database platform and select the same DSN that tested successfully.  

If this still fails, check the version of the Greenplum ODBC drivers and compare it with the version Alteryx officially validated them on, per the Alteryx Help page.  While it may not always be the case, some ODBC versions that are too old or too new may not work with the version of Designer.  Contact Alterxy Support or check Community if further assistance is needed.

3. If the new connection created on the test workflow works, copy the connection string and save it as a new Galley Data Connection.  Remember to type over the encrypted password by re-typing in the password in plain text and then save, which will encrypt the password again.

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