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GDCM-532: Receive "error: <class 'AttributeError'>:'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get' " when running workflow in Gallery with a DCM connection




This error is recieved when running a workflow in Gallery that contains certain connector tools configured to use a DCM Connection.

<class 'AttributeError'>:'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer  
    • Versions 2021.4.2 Patch 4
    • 2022.1 Patch 2+
  • Sharepoint Tool
    • Version 2.2.0.
  • OneDrive Tool
    • Version 2.2.0
  • PowerBI Output Tool
    • Version 3.3.0
  • Azure Data Lake Tools
    • Version 2.3.0



The tokens for the connection are not available or configured properly on the Server. This could be because the connection has not been synced to the Server, or because the SDK access mode is not set to allow the specific credential.



NOTE: Your Server must be configured with SDK Access Mode to "Allow" or "AllowAll" in order for connector tools using a DCM connection to run on the Server. Contact your Server Admin to enable this (see Help Documentation ).

If you are using Alteryx Server version 2021.4 Patch 4 or below, or 2022.1 Patch 1 or below see Resolution A below. Your current version is impacted by defect TKUB-1202, TKUB-1232.

If you are using a newer version (see here for full version lists: 2021.4 , 2022.1 ), proceed.

If not, confirm that you have Synchronized your DCM connections to your Alteryx Server. 

  1. Open Designer. Go to File > Manage Connections > Synchronize.
  2. Click on your Server name.
  3. You should see a grey checkmark to indicate that the connection is synced:
If you can see connections on this page, this means you have not synced the latest changes. See Resolution B.

If your credentials are synced, confirm that your SDK access mode is set to "Allow" in the Designer User Settings:
  1. Go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings.
  2. On the DCM tab, check the SDK Access Mode is set to "Allow"

If it is set to "Allow", see Resolution C.

Resolution A

  • In the System Settings set the Server’s DCM settings to "Allow All".

 Defect TKUB-1202, TKUB-1232 is targeted for resolution in a future release.

Resolution B

Sync your connections to the Server.
  1. Go to File > Manage Connections to open Connection Manager.
  2. Select Synchronize.
  3. For the new Server connection:
    1. Select + Add Gallery.
    2. Enter the Server instance URL and select Connect.
    3. Enter Email and Password and select Sign In.
  4. Select Server instance to sync with.
  5. Select Synchronize.
  6. Select Done.

Resolution C

Edit the DCM connection in the Gallery to allow the SDK connection.
  1. Navigate to your Gallery in a browser.
  2. Click the DCM Data Sources page.
  3. Select the name of your Data Source.
  4. Click the three-dot menu next to your Connection and click Edit.
  5. PHOTO
  6. Check the box "Allow connection for SDK".
  7. Click Save and Link.
You should now be able to run the workflow successfully. If you prefer not to do this for each DCM connection, your Server Admin will need to change the SDK Access Mode to "Allow All" in your Server configuration.

Additional Resources

8 - Asteroid

l am using Google Drive Tool 1.1.1 for Google Drive Output. 

I chose setting up the connection as specified in the Google Drive tool for Custom API Application Setup. However, it asks for a credential for OAuth Tokens and then I get an mentioned in this discussion when I try to run it on the Server. What configuration do I need to do on the server? Please advise.

8 - Asteroid

I have completed Resolutions A and B.  My synch says "All Synchronized".  In Resolution C, i don't see a checkbox for "Allow Connection for SDK".  The workflow runs manually, but when scheduled still yields the error " • 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get' "


As a workaround, i can share the googlesheet file using csv publishing on google and pick up the data with a download tool; however this requires the googlesheet to be open to the web, which is not desirable. I am running Version:  2022.3.1.450  Patch: 2, so as i understand, this should not be impacted by the listed defects.


Is there a reason why i don't see the checkbox for "Allow connection for SDK"? Has anyone got this connector working in scheduled workflows.  I'm stumped.  

Thank you.



10 - Fireball

@ntobon is there a screenshot that goes with Resolution C for "Check the box "Allow connection for SDK".?