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FAQ: Alteryx Server and MongoDB 4.2


FAQ: Alteryx Server and MongoDB 4.2


What versions of Alteryx Server use MongoDB 4.2?

All currently supported versions (2021.3.6.01129 - 2022.3.1.450 (Patch 2)) of Alteryx Server as of May 1, 2023 use MongoDB 4.2 as its embedded database.  Please see the MongoDB Schema Reference page for a full list of supported MongoDB version by Alteryx Server version. 

Why does Alteryx Server use MongoDB 4.2 as its embedded database?

MongoDB 4.2 is the newest version that supports Windows Server 2012.  Because Alteryx Server needs to support Windows Server 2012 until it's end of life in October 2023, MongoDB 4.2 is the newest version we are able to use.

When is of End of Life of MongoDB 4.2?

MongoDB's official end of life for MongoDB 4.2 is April, 2023.  Alteryx will continue to support the use of third party software shipped with our products through the support end of life of each product to the best of our ability.

What if my company requires me to use a MongoDB version that is officially supported by them?

Alteryx Server supports the use of user-managed MongoDB instances running versions 4.4 through 6.0 as of May 1, 2023.  If the end of life of MongoDB 4.2 is a significant concern, consider migrating to a user-managed version that meets your needs.  The MongoDB Schema Reference page will have an up to date listing of all supported user-managed MongoDB versions (including Atlas).

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