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Exception thrown when asserting SAML response from IDP


Error: “Exception thrown when asserting SAML response from IDP”


Environment Details

  • After Alteryx Server upgrade to 2022.3 SAML authentication fails with Please sign on page being presented.
  • affects SAML method Metadata URL or x509 certificate
Exception thrown when asserting SAML response from IdP.,"Sustainsys.Saml2.Exceptions.Saml2ResponseFailedValidationException: Expected message to contain InResponseTo ""idef837223a1194c93bede7922a0efeec3"", but found none. If this error occurs due to the Idp not setting InResponseTo according to the SAML2 specification, this check can be disabled by setting the IgnoreMissingInResponseTo compatibility flag to true.->   at Sustainsys.Saml2.Saml2P.Saml2Response.ReadAndValidateInResponseTo(XmlElement xml, Saml2Id expectedInResponseTo, IOptions options)->  

  • Alteryx Server 
    • Version(s) 2022.3
  • Okta



Alteryx is failing to pass "InResponseTo"


  • Log error matched in file at %ProgramData%\Alteryx\Logs\alteryx-sso-YYYYMMMDD.csv
  • Login attempt when SAMLL using Okta (with either x509 or Metadata URL) will generate same log error and UI experience.



Solution A 

  1. After sign in attempt the URL landing will result in https://{FQDN}/gallery/#!sso/%FisUnauthorized%3Dtrue which presents the Please sign in page
  2.  Access Server directly at {FQDN}/gallery/ and click Sign In button

Solution B 

  1. Patch (TBD) see defect report GCSE-1178


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