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Error when Logging into Gallery in Designer



Users encounter an error when trying to login to gallery from Designer. However, the user is able to successfully login to gallery in the browser using these same credentials. Note that the error message may be different depending on the authentication type used in the gallery. 

  • When using Built-in, users will get this error:
Email or Password are incorrect. Please try again.
  • When using Windows Authentication, users will get this error: 
Error during network call

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Server
    • Any
  • Designer
    • Any


This can occur if there is an incompatibility between the Server and Designer version. The Designer version must be the same or lower than the Server version.

For example, users trying to use 2021.3 Designer while the Server gallery is on 2021.1 may run into this error. 


Uninstall the newer version of Designer and install one that matches the Server version. 

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