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Error: "[SQLState 08S01] fe_sendauth: no password supplied" when using Amazon Redshift and publishing to the Gallery


Environment Details

When attempting to publishing a workflow that connects to Amazon Redshift to the Gallery, the following error occurs:

Error SQLDriverConnect: [Amazon][Amazon Redshift] (10) Error occurred while trying to connect: [SQLState 08S01] fe_sendauth: no password supplied

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  • Alteryx Server
    • All Versions
  • Amazon Redshift


    The credentials were not entered when the Input Data or the Output Data tool prompts when making a connection.


    To ensure the credentials are passed when publishing to the gallery, click on the tool within the workflow in Designer and re-connect to AWS Redshift. When the following prompt occurs to enter in the User Name and Password, enter them accurately at this time and then save to the Gallery.

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