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Error "Registry Key not found" when running workflow which includes a Geocoder tool


Environment Details

The following error occurs when running a workflow in Gallery.

The job jobname did not complete successfully and resulted in the following errors:
Tool #nn: ZIP+4CODER (17):Registry Key not found: SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\SRC\ZIP9Coder\3.0 
The workflow runs successfully in Designer and the license has been activated on the server
  • Alteryx Server
    • Version 2021.1
  • Location or Business Insights Dataset


ZIP 9 Geocoders has not been installed on the server. It is included in the Location or Business Insights Dataset, but was not selected when the datasets were installed. It's the last dataset on the list and is only visible when scrolling down.


1. On the server, navigate to the folder where the Insights datasets were extracted to
2. Launch AlteryxDataInstall.exe
3. Click Next and accept the license agreement
4. Scroll down and check 'Zip 9 Geocoders' (and any other datasets you wish to install at this time) and click Next

5. When prompted to Choose Datasets to Uninstall, uncheck any datasets you wish to retain and click Next
6. Select Install to a Local Directory
7. Browse to the path where you want to install the data set(s)
8. Click Finish to start the installation

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