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Error: "Page Not Found" when logging into Gallery - SAML Authentication


"Page Not Found" when logging into Gallery - SAML Authentication


A "Page Not Found" error is displayed in a browser after completing SAML Setup and attempting to log in to the Gallery.

Page Not Found

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Server
  • SAML Authentication



This error is caused by malformed user claims. Often, the cause is due to the existence of auto-populated redirect URI links in within the claims.



Look in the AAS logs, found in the following location by default:


Note: the drive letter may be different, depending on the Server installation directory.

After the "Token validation success" message, find the "Claims" section. If the name and email information is preceded by URLs, the claims will need to be modified within the IdP:


Modify the claims in your IdP. The following are case-sensitive and sent exactly as below. All three of the following must be included:

  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email

Solution Specific to Azure AD: 

  1. Navigate to . An Azure administrator may be needed to make the necessary changes.
  2. Go to "Active Directory" > "Enterprise Applications" > Select the SAML application instance.
  3. Select "Single Sign On" in the left side menu.
  4. In the "Attributes and Claims" section, click the pencil edit button.
  5. Click on the firstName claim.
  6. If there is a link in the "Namespace" textbox like the image below, delete the URL:
  1. Delete the Namespace URLs for lastName and email.
  2. Confirm that the claims are configured correctly, according to the "Configuring SAML 2.0 on Alteryx Server for Azure AD" documentation.

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