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Error: "Invalid Username or Password" with Workflow Credentials


"Invalid Username or Password" Error With Workflow Credentials


The below error can occur when trying to set up or apply Workflow Credentials in Server. There are two possible root causes.


Invalid username or password


The actual error in Server UI, formerly known as Gallery, will look as below.


In older versions of Server/Gallery:




  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions


Check whether the workflow credentials used work as a local login for the user on the server. If no, proceed with cause A. Else go to cause B.


Cause A

The workflow credentials are incorrect. This can have various reasons for instance a changed password or a locked account. Your IT team should be able to double check whether this is the case. Refer to Solution A.


Cause B

The workflow credentials used are indeed correct. However, the permissions of the user account are not sufficient for impersonation purposes.


Solution A

Together with your IT team make sure the correct credentials are being used.


As always if the issue persists feel free to reach out to Alteryx Customer Support.


Solution B

This case is commonly caused by group policy settings on the server denying the user either to log on locally or to log on as a batch job. To correct this the user account used workflow credentials have been set up for needs to be given the same permissions required for a Run As User. For details of the required permissions refer to the online server help documentation -https://help.alteryx.com/server/current/admin/Configuration/RunasPermissions.htm.

Please note that the referenced permissions do not require logon via remote desktop.


As always if the issue persists feel free to reach out to Alteryx Customer Support.


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