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Error: AlteryxService will not start after upgrade to 20.x (User-Managed MongoDB with Replica Set)


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Server
    • Upgrading from 19.x to 20.x
    • User-managed MongoDB (Replica Set)
After upgrading to version 20.x, the AlteryxService will not start. The following errors are found in the Service logs:
MongoConnection.cpp: 16. Mongo error: ""an invalid MongoDB URI was provided"" code: <10>
AlteryxService_LogStartupError: There was an error starting the Alteryx Service 


If you were using replica sets before the availability of the connection string option (2020.1 release), you have to change to a connection string.


Reconfigure the connection string in Alteryx System Settings (Persistence > General). See this article for details on formatting and connection string examples: MongoDB Advanced Connection Strings ​​​​​​​