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Datasets Cannot be shared in public gallery


Environment Details


When uploading the Workflow, the user will see an error message to the effect of <CASS datasets cannot be shared in public gallery>. The Dataset in the error will change depending on the one in the Workflow.

  • Alteryx Server 
    • All
  • Additional required assets
    • CASS, Location Insights, or Business Insights data package
Error: CASS datasets cannot be shared in public gallery. 


Due to licensing restrictions with our Data Products, they cannot be shared publicly. For most Gallery instances, this is not a problem because they are Private Galleries, but the failsafe is still included so that the Gallery Administrator can determine if the Workflow is being shared properly.


The Gallery Administrator can go to the Workflow in question and there will be a notice at the bottom of the Workflow Settings noting that "This workflow has private data and _____ be shared in Alteryx Gallery" Set the dropdown to "can".


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This option can also be accessed through the Admin portal and the option there will be a radio button for Private Data Exemption. Set that to "Yes".

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