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DE29320: Unable to update Gallery Credential Password

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Environment Details

Error is seen when trying to edit the password of a Workflow Credential saved on the Gallery:


Credentials could not be updated
Invalid Username or Password




  • Alteryx Server
    • Version: 2020.4+


This is a known defect that is being reviewed by Alteryx.

The update is getting a POST error 405 methods not allowed when trying to use the request URL http://mygallery/gallery/api/credential/xxx.


The client can delete the user credential and re-add it, with the updated password.

10 - Fireball

When a client deletes and adds a new credentials will existing scheduled workflows use the new credential ... or do they have to republish them all?

I notice that the URL to the new credential is quite specific.



9 - Comet

It looks like you will need to republish all of the workflows.


Not sure if there's a fast way to do this or not.


edit: Also looks like you need to reenable all of the schedules, if the workflows were scheduled.