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Connecting to a controller in 3 easy steps

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Want to start scheduling workflows? First, you will need to connect to the controller of your server


When connecting your desktop to the Controller, you need two things: the machine name of the server and the controller token.


1. What’s a machine name, you ask? It is also known as the full computer name. On the machine housing Alteryx Server, the machine name can be found here - Control Panel\System and Security\System. Mine looks something like


Control panel.png


2. The Controller token comes from Alteryx System Settings, also located on the machine that houses the server. It is under Controller>General. Click View, copy and paste the controller token into notepad and save it somewhere safe! *Regenerate only if completely necessary, this will cause issues for existing schedules*


System Settings.png


You are now ready to connect to the Controller!


3. Go to Options>View Schedules>Controller dropdown>Connect to Controller

View Schedules.png


And the final step is copying and pasting the Machine name and Controller token you gathered earlier.


Connect to Controller.png


Happy scheduling!



Alteryx Partner

So, okay, what do i do when i get a Controller Connect Error? I also found this post in the community, but the link to the actual FAQ's is broken (




@_enrique_javier, did you ever get past that error?  I am experiencing the same thing now and can't figure out what to do about it.

Alteryx Partner

@JustinO, it turned out that the Alteryx Service versions were not compatible; what Alteryx version(s) are you in? It makes a difference if you're in Desktop vs Server.