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Configuring SAML 2.0 on Alteryx Server for Azure AD

Starting in 2018.2, Alteryx Server supports a majority of identity provider (IdP) connections that adhere to the SAML 2.0 Standard and allows for single sign on to the Alteryx Gallery. This article covers the configuration and setup for both Azure AD and Alteryx Server.


  • Alteryx Server
    • Version 2018.2 and Above
  • Alteryx Server Access with permissions to configure Alteryx Server Settings
  • SSL Enabled for HTTPS
  • Azure Portal
    • Access (Typically and Admin) to create and edit enterprise applications within Azure Active Directory

Procedure - Part 1 - Azure Configuration

1. In the Azure portal > Select Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications and then select +New Application or select one that was already created for Alteryx Gallery. Here s the Microsoft page for more information on creating applications. 

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2. Select the application that will be used for the SAML configuration and then click on Single Sign-On. This will bring up the configuration page for the SAML information. The fields that are required are below:
Basic SAML Configuration 
Identifier (Entity ID) =
Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) =
**Note** These fields will not accept a HTTP URL

User Attributes %26 Claims
Required claim
Unique User Identifier(Name ID) = set to Email Address and Source Attribute set to user.userprincipalname
Additional claims
firstName = user.givenname
lastName = user.surname
email       = user.userprincipalname
**Note** Remove the Namespaces for all Addtional Claims only and make sure firstName and lastName are in camel case. 

   Required Claim
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Additional claims - email
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SAML Signing Certificate
App Federation Metadata URL = You will need this URL for the Alteryx Server Settings.
**Note** This is where you can manually download the x.509 certificate 

Set up Alteryx Gallery (Application Name)
Azure AD Identifier = You will need this URL for the Alteryx Server Settings
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Part 2 - Alteryx Server Settings

1. In the server settings you will need to make sure SSL is enabled under Gallery > General. You will need to have a certificate installed on the server, more information can be found here

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2. Next, Select SAML Authentication > IDP Metadata URL > and enter the three URLs.

ACS Base URL = This field will auto-populate and will be configured with HTTPS. This is the Gallery URL with "/aas" at the end
IDP URL = This is the Azure AD Identifier URL from the Azure SSO page
IDP Metadata URL = This is the App Federation Metadata URL from the Azure SSO Page

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3. Finally, once these are all entered you can hit "Verify IDP" to test the connection. There is also a way to test the connection from the Azure portal as well. Then select Next through the rest of the server settings to save the configuration. Once everything is saved, navigate to the Gallery and hit Log In where you will be prompted with a Microsoft Azure sign in page. 

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8 - Asteroid

Hi @SethBachman,


Great post - many thanks. I'd like to ask whether this approach allows for managing the authorisation aspect as well? i.e. if this method was selected, can user groups be setup on the gallery to map user roles to their AD user groups (for seamless permission assignment/management)? or is managing user groups only supported with Integrated Windows Authentication?


Many Thanks,