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Collection usageReports not found in database AlteryxGallery


Environment Details

Setting up and running the Alteryx Server Usage Report to export to Tableau produces an error due to missing information regarding in the RuntimeSettings.xml.

    "Collection usageReports not found in database AlteryxGallery"

    Alteryx Server

    • Version 2018.3+
    Note - This collection will not exist until a workflow is ran and the data is sent which will then create the collection. 


    Designer is not configured to send Alteryx Desktop usage stats to the Server.


    1. Navigate to your RuntimeSettings.xml. (Default location: C:\ProgramData\Alteryx).
    2. Open the RuntimeSettings.xml file.
    3. Add the following line within the <System Settings> tag, preferably under the <Worker> tag.


    4. Replace http://localhost/gallery with the URL of your Gallery.
    5. Save the RuntimeSettings.xml and close out the file.
    - Suggested edits are to be made on client machines.
    6. Re-open Designer. Be sure to save workflows prior.
    8 - Asteroid

    @ChristopherT  thanks very much for this, can you tell me does this modification of RuntimeSettings.xml need to be made on every users machine or just on the server?