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Clean Up Duplicate Workflows In the Gallery


 It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.


Perhaps you forgot to open the workflow from the Gallery for editing or maybe you accidentally chose ‘Save As’ even though you’d already saved your workflow to the Gallery once before. Now your Gallery looks a little something like this…

image 1 - duplicate workflows.png 

To combine the workflows into a single workflow with multiple versions, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the oldest duplicated workflow in the Gallery. Click the ‘Replace Workflow’ link. image 2 - 'replace workflow'.png
  2. Search for the newer workflow and click ‘Replace’. image 3 - select workflow and replace.png


Note: By clicking replace, the workflow which you have selected to replace the existing workflow will now be available as the most recent version of existing workflow. The results from the workflow which you have selected to replace the existing workflow will be lost and only the results from the original workflow will remain.

6 - Meteoroid

Hi @AmeliaG 


Assuming I am working on a workflow name 'W1' on Day 1 


I deploy 'W1' in our Private gallery with the Workflow settings: Set Workflow Credentials > "Always Run this workflow with these credentials"  and it runs fine after the first deployment


Now Lets say on Day 7 I have deployed the 'W1' again after few days with some changes in the workflow but keep the settings same as above and this will also work fine. However, if I go to 'W1' Deployed on Day1 in Private and choose the replace workflow option and select 'W1' deployed on on Day7 for replacement  the workflow never runs going forward 


This shows an error when I click on run option "This workflow uses Owner specified credentials, but those credentials have been deleted. Please contact the owner of this workflow or your Gallery Administrator." 


I tried to dig into this further and I am able to get to know from the existing set Schedule that both the workflows are deployed correctly but after using Replace Workflow, the workflow Starts Running As 'local user'  instead of pre-defined user Credentials for user 'S'



Can you please assist if I am missing something while performing replace workflow option or if I need to get some settings changed through my Admin