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Cannot Access Gallery from Server machine

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Cannot Access Gallery from Server Machine Using FQDN or IP

When attempting to save a workflow to the Gallery or access the Gallery via FQDN (e.g., ayx.domain.com) or IP in the browser, you are continuously prompted for Windows credentials. This article refers to situations where this behavior occurs ONLY on the Server machine itself; but you are able to access Gallery and save workflows from remote machines using the same credentials.



  • Alteryx Server
    • Windows Authentication enabled


To ensure this issue is isolated to the Server machine, verify that you can access the Gallery via FQDN or IP in the browser and save a workflow to the Gallery from other machines (not the Server) with the same credentials.

Additionally, you should be able to access Gallery via the Server machine using "localhost".


Certain versions of Windows include a security feature called loopback check functionality.


  1. Follow the instructions from this Microsoft KB article and choose either Method 1 (recommended) or Method 2:
    • Method 1: Create the Local Security Authority host names that can be referenced in an NTLM authentication request
    • Method 2: Disable the authentication loopback check

Additional Resources

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@DaveF Thank you for this post. We faced the same issue in 2019.3 server and your recommended Method 1 in the Microsoft KB article helped.  


Another issue that we are facing is  - when we try to access 2019.3 gallery within server or on our personal machine using a system account - Gallery is a unable to authenticate the user and stays in authentication page indefinitely. 

- system account has curator access to gallery

- we are able to access gallery using Kerberos

- we are able to access gallery using few system accounts but not all (there is no diff between those system accounts)


When I applied Method 1 solution suggested in your post, it also resolved above issue and we were able to access gallery using system account 1 (which wasnt possible earlier). but applying the same solution in a different server which uses system account 2 doesn't work. 


any suggestions please ?