2022.1.1.30569 Patch Release Update

The 2022.1.1.30569 Patch/Minor release has been removed from the Download Portal due to a missing signature in some of the included files. This causes the files to not be recognized as valid files provided by Alteryx and might trigger warning messages by some 3rd party programs. If you installed the 2022.1.1.30569 release, we recommend that you reinstall the patch.

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AlteryxService does not exist


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions

In Task Manager > Services, we do not see AlteryxService running, and from the Services window, AlteryxService is missing/does not exist.

From the command line, AlteryxService.exe start results in the following error:

OpenService failed: Win23 Error: The specified service does not exist in an installed service. (1060)

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The AlteryxService does not get installed along with the rest of the product.
This can occur during an upgrade as the AlteryxService is uninstalled and reinstalled during that phase. More rarely this can occur during a fresh install.



  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt as an Administrator:
    • In the Windows Search Box type cmd, right-click the Windows Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  2. Change into the Alteryx\bin directory (you can find the directory Alteryx has been installed in by right-clicking the Designer icon on the desktop, clicking Properties and looking at the Target folder.)
cd “\Program Files\Alteryx\bin”
  1. In the \bin directory type the following:
AlteryxService install
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This will install the AlteryxService and you can then start it from the Services window, or by running through the Alteryx System Settings.

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