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Alteryx Service will not start: No suitable servers Error found in LastStartupError.txt


Issue:  Alteryx Service will not Start and LastStartUpError.txt contains "No suitable servers found: `serverSelectionTimeoutMS` expired: [connection refused calling ismaster on 'localhost:27018']: generic server error" code: <mongodb:13053>


By Default, the LastStartupError text file can be found at C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Service



Error Code: No suitable servers found: `serverSelectionTimeoutMS` expired: [connection refused calling ismaster on 'localhost:27018']: generic server error" code: <mongodb:13053>




  • Product - Alteryx Server
    • Version(s) 11.8+



Check the mongod.lock file is > 0KB in size


  1. Identify where the MongoDB is installed from the Alteryx System Settings under Controller > Persistence > Data Folder
  2. Navigate to that folder in Windows File Explorer
  3. Confirm the size of mongod.lock



Alteryx Server had an unclean shutdown.




If the mongod.lock file does have data inside (1KB usually), we recommend to first backup your persistence database (in case of corruption) before proceeding. Alternatively, in step 1 below, rename the file instead of deleting if you do not have a backup.


  1. Delete/rename the mongod.lock file
    • e.g: mongod.lock renames to mongod.old
  2. Right-click on a blank space in the window and select New > Text Document
    • Alternatively, if you do not have this option you can create a new text file in Notepad and save the file into this directory. If you run into issues saving into this directory directly, you can save the file to your Desktop and then move into the folder where MongoDB is installed
  3. Name the document mongod.lock
    • Make sure that File Extensions are visible, otherwise this file will actually be mongod.lock.txt
  4. Open a Windows Command Prompt and navigate to the \Alteryx\bin directory
    • e.g. 
      cd "\Program files\Alteryx\bin"
  5. Start up the MongoDB service just to make sure everything is clean:
mongod --dbpath "folder path from system settings" --auth --port 27018


  1. With an unclean shutdown it may take a few minutes to reallocate the data.  Look for a line that says "Waiting for connections on port 27018"  When it appears, hit CTRL+C on your keyboard to shutdown the service.
  2. Start up the AlteryxService.  This can be done via:
    • Command Prompt with: 
      sc start AlteryxService
    • From the Services window


Next Steps if the Mongod.Lock file was empty (0KB)


  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt and navigate to the \Alteryx\bin directory
    1. e.g. 
      cd "\Program files\Alteryx\bin"
    2. Run the AlteryxService in test mode to identify the actual error 
      AlteryxService test
  2. If you are unable to easily identify what is causing the error, send the service log files (path found in System Settings->Controller->General) to Alteryx Support



8 - Asteroid

Alteryx Server v2018.4


Thanks you, Jessica, for this article.


I attempted to execute this procedure because we had a server that wouldn't automatically restart its service after a maintenance reboot.  Executed the steps and a rebooted the server after; AlteryxService started as needed.  Will monitor for a period to see if this issue occurs again.


FWIW: Noted in the service log that there were repeated timeout errors during the restart "...Error <No suitable servers found: `serverSelectionTimeoutMS` expired...". The total elapsed time between the first and last error was approx 45 seconds.  Is serverSelectionTimeoutMS a configurable value that could be set to a longer interval to wait for the system to boot up and respond?




7 - Meteor

Thanks for this wonderful and lucid explanation.  It helped me restart my Alteryx services.

For me the services would not run through Services.msc , command line and through Alteryx system settings during multiple attempts. So used the approach given in the post above and it worked.