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Alteryx Service Stuck in Stopping State

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 In the Services tab of the Windows Task Manager, the Alteryx Service seems to be stuck in the 'Stopping' state. 


One common reason why the Alteryx Service appears stuck in the 'Stopping' state is when the service is trying to stop but the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe process is running. In other words, a workflow is running. The Alteryx Service cannot be stopped when a workflow is running due to a schedule or a Gallery run.


One common reason why the Alteryx Service is trying to stop is when a change is made to the Alteryx System Settings. Once the 'Finish" button is pressed, the service must go through a shutdown and restart routine. If a workflow is in the middle of running, you will need to wait until the workflow is complete, or kill the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe process.


Warning: Killing the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe process will stop the workflow from finishing. As it is possible that workflows critical to users are running, and members of the organization may rely on the timely output/results of these workflows, please use caution and best judgement when killing any engine command process, as the workflows will not attempt to rerun automatically.


Important Notes:

  • There may be multiple workflows queued to run at approximately the same time. In such a case, if you kill the engine command, another one may appear immediately afterwards, preventing you, yet again, from stopping the service. These will need to be killed as well, or you must wait until they are finished.
  • If you do not see any AlteryxEngineCmd.exe process running as expected, please make sure to click on the "Show processes from all users" button at the bottom left of the Windows Task Manager window.
  • If the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe is running due to workflow being run manually in the Designer on the Alteryx Server, the Alteryx Service will be allowed to stop.


Alteryx Service in 'Stopping' State:




AlteryxEngineCmd.exe Running ("Show processes from all users" highlighted at bottom left)



Thank you for reading!


Awesome! it worked for me. Killing the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe made the Alteryx service start option enable and then I have cross checked the UI(server).

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Really useful perspective to know


We use the backup script provided elsewhere on these forums ( But, if a job is running when the backup tries to stop the service it causes the server to hang in the "stopping" state ... until the next morning when I manually intervene.


Is there a way to tell if a job is running from the command line? .. and thus prevent the backup attempt in the first place.


Hi @jason_scarlett,


I hope you are doing well and thanks for checking out this article!. Here is an article that shows you how to view the current running processes from the Command Prompt and how to kill tasks if needed. Keep in mind that if you kill the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe it will kill all instances that are running. I hope this helps!







For now I just want to prevent the backup from script from trying to stop the server, so I will add something like this:


tasklist | FIND "AlteryxEngineCmd.exe"
IF errorlevel 0 IF NOT errorlevel 1 GOTO ProcessRunning



Sounds good, @jason_scarlett!