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Alteryx Server and Client are Incompatible Error


Environment Details

The below error happens when adding a new worker to the controller :
Alteryx Server and Client are Incompatible
  • Alteryx Server
    • Versions (all)

When configuring the setup, please make sure the following pre-requisites are met:
  1. The Version of the new worker that is being added is exactly the same as the controller.
  2. The correct Controller token is used while configuring the worker node.
  3. Test to make sure that port 80 is not blocked by opening a web browser on the Worker machine and navigate to http://<controller server name>/AlteryxService/status.  You will get a similar response as below:
  <ServerBuildTime>Jul  8 2017 12:56:42</ServerBuildTime>


Cause 1:

The issue can occur when the VM that is used to configure the worker does not meet the minimum requirements specified in the help guide:
It only had 2 cores 4 GB RAM  when this issue was seen.
This could happen if you set up a test environment and allocated resources that do not meet the system requirements specified. If this is the cause, navigate to Solution A.
Cause 2:

Another reason could be because of a different port than the default port, configured for the Controller, under the <ServicePort> tag of RuntimeSettings.xml file. There are situations, where you may need to change the default port used by the Controller (i.e - port 80), and this can be done using the steps on this article . So, if the port is changed for the Controller, and if that is not mentioned while connecting to the Controller from Worker, then this error could also occur. If this is the cause, navigate to Solution B.


Solution A

After scaling up the server to what is recommended (4 cores and 16 GB RAM) in the documentation, the worker is able to connect to the controller node. 

Solution B

  • Make a note of the new port configured for the controller
    • This can be done by opening the "RuntimeSettings.xml" file (by default - this would be under - C:\ProgramData\Alteryx location) on the Controller node.
    • Search for "<ServicePort>" tag in the RuntimeSettings.xml file.

    • Copy the value for the port number from the above ServicePort tag
    • Navigate to the Worker node, and launch the Alteryx System Settings
    • Navigate to "Controller" --> "Remote" section.
    • In the "Host" textbox, make sure to add the hostname of the controller, followed by the controller port number, in the format:
      • <Controller_hostname>:<Controller_port>
    • Add the Controller token and click "Next". The compatibility of Worker and Controller would be valid now.

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