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Alteryx Install Wizard | 2018.1

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Use the following instructions to download and complete installation via the Alteryx installation wizard. All steps and screenshots below were made using v2018.1.


1. Navigate to sign in and select the product for your download:







Be sure to select the correct download for your desired install and user account privileges (Alteryx Designer Admin/Non-Admin Install Guide).


Note: If you’re interested in the individual feature improvements with each release, be sure to check out the “Release Notes” for your product download!


2. At the bottom of your browser window open the installation executable:




3. If prompted by the User Account Control, select Yes to allow the executable to begin the installation:



4. Close all instances of Alteryx currently open on your computer.


5. After a brief load screen, the install will continue to a prompt that lists the necessary pre-requisites for installation. Previous versions of the designer will be uninstalled automatically, but otherwise ensure these pre-requisites are satisfied:



6. After clicking next, your install will automate setup for your remaining pre-requisites before prompting you to specify your install location:



7. You can continue from this menu by selecting “Next,” or first customize your install by specifying the installation path. Afterwards you will be prompted to read and accept the license agreement before continuing installation by clicking “Next”:




8. Installation will then begin:




9. After some time the install will complete. From the completion menu, you will click “Finish” to finalize your installation – just be sure to have the correct options selected in this step for your ideal environment setup:



9a. If you are performing a Server upgrade and chose to migrate your Mongo Database as part of the upgrade to 2018.1, be sure to read the instructions of this prompt before specifying locations for your new backup and database:




9b. Selecting “Begin Backup and Migration” will proceed with your database upgrade for 2018.1:




9c. Once finished, simply click “OK” to complete the migration!




10a. If you chose to install predictive tools during the installation prompts, after selecting “Finish” you will see a new menu; simply click “Next” to proceed with the installation of your predictive tool set:




10b. After reading important information on the predictive installation, click “Next” to continue:




10c. You can continue from this menu by selecting “Next,” or first customize your install by specifying the predictive tool installation path:





10d. The wizard will then proceed through installation before prompting you to “Finish”:






11. If prompted for a license and email, enter them to activate the Designer or via Options >> Manage Licenses.


Congratulations, your installation is complete!

7 - Meteor

Hi @MattD 


We have our Alteryx server running on Azure and In the process of upgrading the server from 11.8 to 2018.2, I have received an error ("MongoError1") about the Mongodb migration. I hit continue and it stayed for a while on the migration window ("MongoError2") and cancelled it eventually.

Restarted the service, tested and everything seems to be normal. Could you please let me know if there are any specific things I need to check in this case to be confident that the upgrade is successful, any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!


7 - Meteor

Hey Matt,


Is there an updated install package document like this for Alteryx Server 2018.2? Cannot find on community anywhere.



8 - Asteroid

@MattD @WU1993 


Similar to the above, do you have anything like this for 2019.1.


This is very good!  Thank you!


We are planning on upgrading to 2019.1 in June 2019.  Initially, we will complete this in the DEV environment.


Would be great if I have the latest...


Thanks again,