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Alteryx Gallery - Unable to login to Gallery, and the login screen refreshes and comes back to the main screen again


Error: When a Gallery user is trying to login to Alteryx Gallery, user is pointed back to the Gallery home page, with the "Sign-In" button, instead of a successful login.


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Server
    • All
  • SAML-based Gallery Authentication


The default role is set to "No Access" on the Alteryx Gallery Administrator page.



Once the user logs in for the first time, make sure that the user is assigned a desired role, according to the business requirements.


For example: In Windows / SAML Authentication, the user has to access the gallery for the first time, so he has his entry added to the Gallery Users. If the default role is set to "No Access", then these users will be circled back to the same Gallery home page, without having access to the gallery. To resolve this, please assign a role to the user, navigating to Gallery Admin page --> Users --> Search for the user and assign a particular role, who can access the gallery, as discussed in the above screenshot.