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Alteryx Gallery Series - The Lay of the Land 101: User Edition (2020.1+)

This is Part 2 of the Alteryx Gallery Series - The Gallery Series only refers to the Alteryx Server where you can host your Private Alteryx Gallery. This article will refer to 'Alteryx Gallery' as a privately hosted Gallery on the Alteryx Server. 
Each section of the user interface is outlined and described below:
Often utilizing and navigating the Private Alteryx Gallery for the first time (or even for veterans) can be difficult. This article aims to make this process simpler by giving a step-by-step guide on where to find the main areas of the Alteryx Gallery, as well as those hidden features. 

Finding the Alteryx Gallery

  • The URL is typically the ServerMachineName (or IP)/Gallery unless another domain has been defined.  
    • **** Speak to your IT or Alteryx Server Contact to find the URL address.
  • If it is an internal server, the user will need to be logged in to your organization’s VPN before accessing the Gallery.

Accessing the Gallery

  • User visits the Gallery on their own:
    • Depending on your pre-defined user authentication setting, the user may be granted access to the Gallery the first time he or she visits the URL.
    • If your Gallery utilizes Windows Authentication, a Gallery Account is automatically created when a new user visits the site.
    • If your Gallery utilizes Built-In Authentication, the new user may create their own Account profile by creating an account from the Gallery login page.
  • Gallery Admin invites a user to the Gallery:
    • The Gallery Administrator may invite users to join the Gallery. This allows the Administrator to set up all of the users specific privileges before that user views the site.
      • If your Gallery utilizes Windows Authentication, a Gallery Account is automatically created when a new user visits the site.
      • If your Gallery utilizes Built-In Authentication, the admin would disable the “Enable user registration” option in the Admin > Users section ( The user will receive an invitation email and be asked to validate their account.

Lay of the Land: Everyday Gallery User


"HOME is where the heart is."

  • When you create a workflow, macro or app in the Alteryx Designer and upload it to the Alteryx Gallery, you can CHOOSE to share your workflow to the Public Gallery (Home). You will need to be an Artisan to publish to the Alteryx Gallery (
  • Users with access to your Gallery URL may access the Public Gallery section. External users cannot view and run workflows in the Public Gallery unless they have been invited by an Admin and have network rights to access the Gallery website.


Users often upload proof of concepts or demo applications to the Alteryx Gallery, which other users can use for reference.

The last of the thirteen DISTRICTS of Panem”


Districts are Alteryx workflows shared in the Public Gallery section that have been tagged (after publishing) with a specific keyword set by the Gallery Administrator.


Districts are used for housing macros which are used within different internal departments.

“Welcome to my Private Studio

  • A private studio (in other words, subscription) is automatically created for each Gallery user.
  • By default, an Artisan will only see the workflows they have published themselves in their Private Studio unless they are a member of a Shared Studio (one or more users in the same Studio). To see content created by other Artisans, a workflow may be shared in the Public Gallery or via a Collection or Studio. We recommend that assets are shared via Collections, as Studios will be deprecated in a future release. 

"Brand new Insights"

  • Allows you to publish interactive charts from workflows using the Insights Tool on to your Gallery.
  • This dashboarding feature offers users the ability to filter and drill down into Analytical Insights.

“You’re the chosen one, welcome to my Collection

  • Collections are a means for ensuring only specific users may access workflows to which they are assigned.
  • Collections are managed by Users but may also be edited by the Gallery Administrator.
  • Artisans can invite Users to a collection through the Users tab inside of the collection. These Users will have to sign up to the Alteryx Gallery or be users in the same domain as the Alteryx Gallery is hosted on.
  • You can have Multiple Admins for Collections.

“Let’s see these Workflow Results

  • Gallery Users may view the results/output of their own previous workflow executions.
  • Users will only see results from their workflow runs unless you are in a Shared Studio and your admin has enabled Shared Schedules.

"Let's automate some Schedules"

  • Gallery Admin can allow users to schedule directly from the Alteryx Gallery. 
  • You can click on the schedules tab and schedule your workflow by choosing the workflow and frequency you wish to run the schedule on.
  • You then get visibility to your schedules only and have the ability to edit the schedule and remove the schedule from being run.
  • If you are in a Collection that has Shared Schedules (version 20.2+), you must navigate in to the Collection > Schedules tab to see these schedules.

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