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Alteryx Gallery Series - The Lay of the Land 101: Gallery Admin Edition


This is Part 1 of the Alteryx Gallery Series - The Gallery Series only refers to the Alteryx Server where you can host your Private Alteryx Gallery. This Article with refer to 'Alteryx Gallery' as a privately hosted Gallery on the Alteryx Server. 

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The Lay of the Land 101: Gallery Admin Edition


The Gallery Admin is the Godfather of a Alteryx Gallery. The Admin is less involved with the workflow content of the site and more involved with management of users and their overall experience on the Gallery. This article will help the Gallery Admin navigate the Admin settings within the Private Alteryx Gallery. 


Each section of the Admin interface is outlined and described below:



  • A Subscription is another name for a Studio. A Studio allows Alteryx Designer users to publish and share workflows privately within their organization. 
  • Each user that creates a Gallery account is automatically given their own subscription which can become a Private Studio if the user permission level is designated an Artisan. As a Gallery Admin you will have to make this user an Artisan, take a look at the ‘users’ section below which details how to do this.
  • Each Studio includes a limited number of artisans and members – assigned by the Gallery Admin.
  • Once a subscription has been created, it can be deactivated but not deleted. Gallery Admins are the only ones with permissions to create subscriptions.


Subscription Management

Permission levels

Pic 3.png



Creating and adding users to Private Studios

  • To create a studio (subscription) click on ‘subscription tab’ and click on ‘Add New Subscription’. You will now have the ability to create a studio (subscription)

Subscription Screen


Gallery 2.PNG


This will be the subscription screen below:




  • Gallery Admin can create studios as well as manage the users and workflows assigned to them.
  • There are numerous options when creating a Subscription or Studio:
  • Private Studio Name: The name for the studio, which displays at the top of the page when the user clicks “Private Studio” on the left menu of the Gallery page.
  • Contact Name: The person who owns and manages the studio.
  • Subscription Type
  • Free: Artisans and Members who are part of the studio can run workflows in the Public Gallery
  • Paid: Artisans who are part of the studio can publish and run workflows in that studio and Members can run workflows
  • Artist Seats: The number of Artisan seats available in the studio. Artisans can publish, run, and share workflows.
  • Member Passes: The number of Member seats available in the studio. Members can run workflows in studios for which they have been assigned.
  • Expiration Date: The date the Paid subscription expires. When a paid subscription expires it is downgraded to a Free subscription.
  • API Enabled: Access to the Private Server Gallery API is enabled by default. The Gallery API supports the ability to authenticate, list apps, run apps, and retrieve app results using an API Key and Secret which are accessible via Gallery Settings.


  • Disable user sign-ups: Limits who can sign up for your Gallery. Forces users to be “invited” to join the Gallery.
  • Allow anyone to run public workflows without singing in: If this option is selected, anyone with access to your Gallery URL may run workflows that are available on the Home Page. 


  • This is how to add a user to a studio (Subscription). You need to take the subscription key from the ‘subscription’ section (above screenshot) and add this into the studio key within the User profile below.




  • When a user now publishes from there Alteryx Designer to the Alteryx Gallery they will see the studio name they are associated with. This is linked by the same subscription and studio key.
  • Users can only be part of one Studio at a time.


Gallery Users

  • Gallery Admins can add users directly to the Gallery or they can send an email inviting user to log in and add themselves via the Join now form on the main page of the Gallery.
  • User permissions are managed in the users profile (or in “Permissions” if using Windows Auth) as well as in their assigned studio.
  • The new user is added to the Users page. The users name, email (for Built-In Auth), and name of their studio display in the user box as well as icons that represent their permissions.
  • When using Built-In Authentication, the Gallery Admin can designate the permission level of users before they sign up to Alteryx Gallery on the users tab


Built-in Permissions Screen (Users permission level for the whole Alteryx Gallery)

Pic 7.png



Windows Auth Permissions screen (Users permission level for the whole Alteryx Gallery)

Pic 8.png


  • Gallery Admins can manage user permissions in the Permissions page when using Windows Authentication only.
  • A default permission level (No Access, Viewer, Artisan, Curator) can be set for any new or existing user who joins the Gallery.
  • Admin Tip: Set the default permission to No Access or Viewer if Content Security is of chief concern. This will require users to be invited to run workflows on the Gallery
  • Once a user has been created, it can be deactivated but not deleted.



  • Gallery Admins can add workflows, apps, and macros to the Gallery and manage their icon, description, Run Mode settings, and exemptions.
  • Admins can also create “tags” and associate them to workflows so searches within the Gallery return better results.


  • Run Mode: Determines the level that workflows are permitted to run in the Gallery. Workflows that contain certain tools or access may need to be blocked. The default Run Mode is selected when the server is configured.
    • Unrestricted: Any workflow can be run.
    • Semi-Safe: Workflows using Run Command, Download, Email, “R”, or Events will be blocked.
    • Safe: Workflows using above tools or accessing/storing data on non-local drives will be blocked.
  • Requires Private Data: Indicates if the workflow requires licensed data to run.
  • Private Data Exemption: An exemption can be given to a workflow with private data so that it can be run.



  • Gallery Admins can create new districts and modify the district name, description, and icon image. Once the District has been created, it will be displayed below the “Home Page” menu option on the Gallery.


Data Connections


Gallery 7.PNG

  • This tab within the Gallery Admin section is only available for Alteryx Server Version 11.0 and above
  • This tab will give you the option to pre-define credentials that can be sent down to designer users
  • This will help when managing access and Alias creation on both Designer & Server
  • DSN-less connections will run straight away. DSN connections will need to be set up on the location machine and server machine


Workflow Credentials

  • Set workflow credentials which can be use when running a workflow from the server. These will also appear in the designer when uploading/scheduling a workflow
  • Click on 'change; and you get the following options

Use Default Credentials

  • This will use the server service account details to run workflows if nothing has been set in the 'Run As' section of the Server System Settings

Require User Credentials

  • When running the application from the Alteryx Gallery the users will have to enter in credentials 

Pic 10.png


Allow users to set options for credentials option

  • The best practice would be to ask users for their credentials so they can only access the data they have privileges for within your internal IT environment. 
  • The interface will look like the screenshot below. When uploading an App from your Alteryx Designer (File>>Save as>>>My Company's Gallery) you can click on 'Workflow Options' & 'Set Workflow Credentials'. 

Pic 8.png


  • This will give the user three options 

Pic 9.png


  • 'User is not required to specify credentials' - The application/workflow will run as the default Alteryx Server user account (Run As settings in system settings on server config). 
  • 'Always run this workflow with these credentials' - The user can enter the credentials at this point, however preset credentials can be added within the Alteryx Gallery Admin section ("Workflow Credentials")



  • This is where you can give users permission to schedule workflows they upload to the Alteryx Gallery. This will allow all artisans to schedule workflows.







  • The server can send email notifications for various events. The SMTP server information is entered when the server is configured. Gallery Admins can manage the types of notifications and the message text.
  • Admin Tip: Disable notifications so your users don't get spammed by the Gallery.


Customize your Alteryx Gallery!

  • Banner Ads can be added to be displayed below the search bar on the Home page. Uploaded Files can be added to the site to which Gallery Users can access via Links.
  • You have the ability to change the Gallery Name, Logo and Color Scheme within the web Browser.
  • This is often used to house FAQs, Help & Links
  • Add link to your Page or URL in the Header or Footers.


If you have any outstanding questions please reach out to our Alteryx Support




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

8 - Asteroid

OK, I'm super confused about collections.  I have a scenario where workflows are published and managed by two users. There's me, and there is robot.


I have 2 items in my gallery right now. This is the Private Studio view



I want to publish these to a collection. So, I click the report item and I get:


When I click 'sharing', I don't have the option to choose an existing collection. This confuses me greatly. 

So, I click to Collections... and there is a collection there. The one I was expecting to see.




Robot created that collection. But I have access to it. 


So, what gives?! Why can't I publish into that collection??


Thanks for your help,


11 - Bolide

Pic 3.png

Thanks for these guidelines, it's really useful to help get my head around the terminology.


Can you please clarify if the Permission Level = admin in this picture is referring to Gallery Admin or a different type of Admin?

11 - Bolide

Also, what is the difference between an artisan and a curator?


Hi @VizChic


An Artisan is someone who will have a private studio and can publish/schedule workflows from their Alteryx Designer.


A Curator is the same as the Admin user you see above. The terminology differs between windows auth and build in authentication when setting up the server.


These users can access the admin panel in gallery, so therefore can remove users, delete collections etc.





8 - Asteroid

In Gallery Admin I don't see System Settings.  I have my Alteryx System Settings set up as 'Run As.'  Does that get rid of the 'System' at the top of the icons on the left in Gallery Admin?





Hi @brad_j_crep


Are you referring to System Settings to config the server? You should be able to access these from the server side, either through the designer options>>advanced option>>system settings or on the desktop of the server.


Out of interest are you using windows auth or built in?





8 - Asteroid

I'm referring to the System icon in the gallery.

Alteryx System Settings.png

I'm using windows authentication.


Hi @brad_j_crep,


It was updated to a different area -> Workflow Credentials -> Credentials setting for workflows ->


5 - Atom

Hi Jordan,


Thank you for this informative article. I'm trying to test out a workflow by uploading it to my private studio in the company's Alteryx server but a co-worker told me that notifications will be sent out to the whole department even if I publish my workflow there and not in the gallery. That happened to him once already.


My question is: Is there any way to prevent that email given that I'm not the admin?


Thank you!

6 - Meteoroid

A little stupid question here.. I suppose the subscription/ publication is only available to "Alteryx Server" edition right? We have Designer licenses and that only grant us to create private studios, not allowing non-licensed end users to run the apps/ workflows?


@Jess_Lin you will need an Alteryx Server license in your business to allow non-licensed designer users to run workflows and application made by the designer.





Am I able to run workflows from the Gallery Admin page?

12 - Quasar



This article is amazing! This is so helpful! Thanks for your efforts!





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