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Adding a Custom Report to an App in the Gallery

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
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The Alteryx Gallery can support custom reports in .rptx format.  If a workflow or app is uploaded to the gallery without taking the following steps, there will be an error stating that it can not find the .rptx file.

The key is to make sure to save a copy of the .rptx file in the same location as the App so that the allocate report configuration is not lost. Then make sure to add the RPTX file as an asset attached to the Allocate Report tool before publishing to the gallery. To do this, first make sure that the Display Asset Management in Properties Window option is checked in Designer User Settings:


asset management.png


Now click on the Assets icon on the left side of the Allocate Report configuration window, and add RPTX file:



It is important to know that Custom VVFs are not supported in the Gallery. If there is a custom variable that you would like to include, it must be calculated inside the .RPTX file itself.

Calculating a Variable inside an RPTX:

Opening an RPTX in the Composer will display the code that drives the custom report by adding code similar to the following, a new variable can be calculated within the RPTX itself.

<td align="Left" width="17%">My Variable </td>
          <td align="Right" width="8%">
            <all:app class="__format2" formula="(XCYFEM + XCYMALE)" />

I have an old app that used this technique to include custom reports that needed to have input data updated. This 'add file' functionality is no longer available when saving to the gallery. Is there a work around for this in the latest version of Alteryx?
Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

@BetterFerret Yes, @JeffF and I have updated the article to reflect the correct way to add assets. Hopefully this works for you.