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Version Management in Gallery



I have described my issue in the Community post here:


Is there a way to retrieve an exact date when new version of a workflow was uploaded to Gallery? I know it works when it is today, yesterday or couple days ago but after that you can only see "2 months ago" etc. in Creation Date, which is not sufficient for any version management.


Thank you



I'm still on an older version of Alteryx without the Scheduler included in the Gallery, so this information may be out of date.

If you have access to view the Schedules from the Alteryx Designer, you can find workflow names and update dates, which also includes a Version number and a full timestamp for the last update.

It also includes the Internal Alteryx UserID for whoever uploaded the workflow, which can be helpful if you need to see a full history of the workflow.

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It's more like a complicated workaround, there is a simple solution....


It is especially important for users who will be only accessing the Gallery, not Designer.

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Thanks @Michal for the idea. This is not hard to do and something we should be able to include in an upcoming release.

I would love to see an actual date in Version History as well. The dates as displayed currently aren't of much help when trying to understand when a workflow was updated in the Gallery.
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We keep a detailed change log for tracking edits in critical workflows and need to pinpoint publish dates to cross-reference against issues.  To give you an example of how exact dates help, on Jan 24th the runtime for one workflow ballooned from 20 minutes to 2+ hours.  Was that the change implemented "11 days ago", "12 days ago", or "14 days ago"?  It was Change Log v76 (Gallery v6) published on Jan 23, first run on Jan 24.  Getting exact dates in the Gallery version history would be a huge win.  Thanks.




Are there any updates on this issue? The Creation Date of a workflow version's history should really show the exact date and time of when it was uploaded, as all comments above point out. There's no point in having a date that says "N months ago". It's of no real help. If this change were implemented on the Alteryx Gallery it would be of great help. It's been nearly 2 years (!) since @Michal pointed this out, yet still I don't see exact dates.




Hi @alexcassola,


Due to the fact that some functionality, especially Server functionality, can take a long period of time to review, create and implement there is currently no update on the status of this idea. Also, as our current idea process stands, product management will review ideas once they have ten likes. As this idea currently only has seven likes, it may not be on product team's radar. 


However while this idea specifically may not have any progress made at this point, updates and functionality similar to this may be on our product team's road map for a eventual release.


Status changed to: Under Review

Updating this idea's status back to Under Review, to be in line with past product updates.